Yass Korea will change its name to Bio Cloud and be reborn.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

-Global antiviral product development, production and distribution company Bio Cloud Co., Ltd.

-Organic Cotton Mask, Steam Gargle... Global Market Leadership Plan with Aviral Products

YASS KOREA, a representative company of non-smoking products, recently changed its name to "BIO CLOUD" and announced that it will expand its business into bio fields in earnest and expand and strengthen its domestic and international businesses.

BioCloud plans to focus on fostering its bio business by developing innovative antiviral products such as organic cotton masks and steamggles "clean cloud" and "fresh cloud," along with a premium anti-smoking auxiliary product project that has created an unrivaled position.

BioCloud signed a strategic business contract with Iconic Cotton Co., Ltd. on July 24 and began producing and distributing 'Icotton Courtney Tightening Mask' in Korea. It has recently signed an export contract of 100 million sheets to GCC countries (U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman) in the Middle East, and is actively targeting domestic and foreign markets based on their superior quality.

"Icotton Mask" does not use cotton materials only for filters, but also uses non-woven fabric made of 100% organic cotton, not only the exterior and filter, but also the lining that touches the skin. It is known to have excellent ventilation, excellent water absorption, and reduce skin trouble. Also, when you first wear a mask, you don't smell unpleasant.

Bio Cloud is planning to develop, manufacture, and produce various cotton products such as industrial raw materials, medical supplies, and sanitary household goods based on patented technologies such as 'organic cotton hydroponic cultivation technology' and 'eco-friendly cotton non-woven fabric production process'.

Another pillar of the bio-cloud's business is its new concept, Steam Gargle. It is a groundbreaking product that can be used to remove viruses and germs by using eco-friendly mineral antibacterial liquid and inhaling it in the form of steam gargles. It is a form of steam gargling with a portable device as if it were humidifying the mucous membrane in otolaryngology, and an experiment by Chungnam National University's Agricultural Science Research Institute proved that it is effective in reducing 99.5% of the bacteria in the mouth as well as secondary infectious diseases such as pneumonia, ulcerative colitis, and heart disease. It is also expected that natural materials will be used in a safe manner.

"Currently, consumers using iCotton Courtney Zoe masks are showing positive responses in the market," a bio-cloud official said. "The upcoming Steam Gargle products will also provide a fresh shock that will change the paradigm of the antiviral market," adding, "We are speeding up the development of refreshing and clean cloud products with the aim of releasing them in mid-December."

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