'komia EasyStick' catches foreign attention.

- Excellent effect on places where sterilization and deodorization are needed, such as parcel delivery storage, toilets, and sinks.

BioCloud Co., Ltd., a global anti viral drug company, said it has released a stick type sterilizing agent called 'Comia EasyStick' and is receiving high attention in overseas markets.

'Comia Easy Stick' is a stick type air cleaning deodorizer that is excellent for removing harmful bacteria in the air, and it has 99.9% antibacterial and disinfection functions for more than 13 bacteria, including E. coli, pneumonia, and norovirus.

In particular, it is the only product licensed as an air sterilizer by the Ministry of Environment of Korea, and export inquiries are pouring in from overseas countries, including the Middle East and Southeast Asia, due to its excellent sterilization and safety.

If you hold the stick with both hands and bend it until you hear a sound before using this product, it starts activation and can be used easily. Once activated, the appropriate amount is released very slowly, with 99.9% sterilization effect for bacteria within a 1.5 meter radius, harmless to the human body, and can be used for about 30 days.

"We've been building our know how with antibacterial products for a long time, and we've recently become more interested in air sterilization," a ComiAgeystic official said. "We'll be able to use this product to easily and easily enjoy antibacterial and disinfectant effects with simple steps."


-조한석 Jo Han Seok / 해외영업팀 차장 Overseas Sales Dept, Chief



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