iCOTTON mask, organic cotton non-woven certification

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

As the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) is still rampant, interest in masks that have become a necessity to go out is still high.

More than 2,000 mask companies are expected to be certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea, and among mask companies that look similar, consumers are increasingly worried about choosing their products.

In particular, owners of sensitive skin, who complain of skin trouble due to frequent masks, are looking for products made of cotton, so the non-mal-blocking mask introduced by ICotton, a company specializing in organic cotton, is showing quiet strength.

The Icotton mask is an organic cotton mask that uses all kinds of cotton from lining to exterior to filter, and is attracting attention as a non-mal-blocking mask that has excellent wearability, prevents moisture, and lowers skin troubles.

Icotton combines patented technologies such as organic cotton hydroponic cultivation technology and a batch production process with eco-friendly cotton nonwoven fabric, and is introducing a mask that is pure cotton, not only inside, outside, but also filter. Because it is an organic product that has been certified, it shows better quality than other products that are made of pure cotton.

This was revealed through FDA registration and KATRI (safety test report certification), KOTI (functional test report), liquid resistance test pass - quality control criteria for non-mal-blocking masks, SGS (radioactive substance detection test), SGS (VOCs/volatile organic chemical detection test), and organic cotton non-woven certification. Based on this technology, it prevents skin problems that can become more serious during the change of seasons or winter.

Buyers who used the product acknowledged the product quality of the organic mask by delivering reviews such as "It feels very soft" and "The skin does not feel uncomfortable even if worn every day."

"Many people recognize dental masks and pure cotton masks," an Icotton official said. "I thought that applying reliable technology to masks through patents and certifications could help many people who are suffering from sensitive skin." We will continue to make efforts to introduce better products.“


-조한석 Jo Han Seok / 해외영업팀 차장 Overseas Sales Dept, Chief



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