BioCloud has established a corporation in Dubai to tap into the Middle East market with the ...

BioCloud has established a corporation in Dubai to tap into the Middle East market with the 'BioCloud Solutions' of K-quarantine.

BioCloud Co., Ltd., a global anti-viral drug company, said in November that it will establish a local subsidiary "BioCloud Solution" in Dubai, the Middle East, and start targeting the Middle East bio market in earnest.

After seeing the possibility of the Middle East bio market, BioCloud established a local corporation to strategically enter the Middle East market. It successfully completed its business briefing in Dubai on the 9th and is set to sign contracts for various products such as BioCloud's anti-virus products, Mask, 'EasyStick', and Steamagle products.

BioCloud is a company that specializes in anti-virus products, and it oversees the production and distribution of 'iCotton masks', which are made of 100% organic cotton, and 'Clean Cloud', which is a stick type anti-bacterial and deodorant.

In particular, 'icotton Mask', manufactured with a premium organic cotton lining, is receiving a great response in the hot Middle East due to the excellent ventilation of cotton, and the anti-viral product 'EasyStick' is also proving to remove harmful bacteria from the air, BioCloud said.

'Clean Cloud', which is scheduled to be released soon, is expected to be an innovative product that will change the paradigm of the oral care market as a steam gaggle product that is five times more effective than liquid type mouthwash.

A BioCloud official said, "We will pioneer export channels in the Middle East market with our own know-how in developing and producing anti-virus products in the COVID era."


-조한석 Jo Han Seok / 해외영업팀 차장 Overseas Sales Dept, Chief


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