BIO CLOUD Launches Certified Organic Cotton Mask to Fight COVID-19

Bio Cloud launches iCOTTON, a certified organic cotton face masks to solve sensitive skin problems caused by existing face masks.

Bio Cloud, a manufacturer of global anti-viral products based in South Korea announces the launch of their organic cotton face mask called iCOTTON to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

This product is made from certified organic cotton and meant to solve sensitive skin problems caused by existing face masks.

Compared to other organic cotton face mask providers, iCOTTON face mask uses 100% organic cotton fabric on the three main areas of a face mask – the lining, outer layer and the filter while incorporating its anti-droplet design. It has the ability to prevent the accumulation of moisture thus reduces the occurrence of skin troubles.

The company uses patented hydroponic cultivation technology to manufacturer the face mask which enables them to utilize pure organic non-woven fabric for the outer surface and filter layer of the face mask. Particularly, this sophisticated technology enables lining which is the area that is in contact with our skin to be made of organic cotton. This is something that the company has achieved compared to its competitors who frequently only use common non-organic cotton fabric. They also use eco-friendly cotton non-woven fabric batch production processes in their manufacturing plant.

As it is a certified organic product, it shows superior quality compared to other companies’ pure cotton products. This product has been registered with FDA and passed the KATRI (Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute) safety test certification and KOTITI Testing and Research Institute functional test examination. The company also conducted liquid resistance test which conforms to the quality control standards for anti-droplet masks as well as the organic cotton non-woven fabric certification. It also passed the SGS radioactive substance detection test and VOCs/volatile organic chemicals detection test.

Bio Cloud vigorously aims to use technology to produce organic face masks that help to prevent skin problems that can become more critical during the changing season such as the coming winter.

“A lot of people who know dental masks and cotton masks have approached us,” said the spokesperson of Bio Cloud. “I think that applying reliable technology on the fabrication of face masks through patents and certifications will help many people who are suffering from sensitive skin.”

Buyers who used iCOTTON have given feedback such as the soft feeling of the product and have a positive outlook on the mask as something that would not burden their facial skin while used daily.

About Bio Cloud –

BioCloud is a South Korean company that develops, produces, and distributes global antiviral products, and are putting forth their best efforts to improve the quality of human life and create a safer and healthier world. Some of its products include Easy Stick – an air-cleaning sterilizer, Steam Gargle – a mouth washing device, iCOTTON – an organic face mask and Yass Korea – a stop-smoking aid.

Media Contact Company Name: Bio Cloud Contact Person: Jo Han Seok Email: Send Email Phone: +82 2568 7388 Address:22, Apgujeong-ro 42-gil Gangnam-gu City: Seoul Country: South Korea Website:

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